Question - Descent into madness

Hungering souls node - “souls deal more damage over time”
To which does this apply:
A) Souls innately have necrotic DoT on hit.
B) Caustic wretches/decayed mind and fire skull/eternal pyre (HS nodes) apply ailments on hit
C) On-hit effects/ailments like bleed and ignite from other sources (items/idols, etc).

It reads like all DoT since it does not specify, but can anyone confirm?

It should be any DoT that the skill inflicts.

I’m just looking for confirmation of each scenario. Your answer can be interpreted in multiple ways.

The skill inflicts a necrotic dot on-hit. So that is obviously yes. The poison if you take caustic wretches/decayed mind/fireskull is also inflicted by the skill itself, so i would say most likely yes to this as well.


What about SP’s Laceration node that has bleed chance on hit against plagued enemies? Hungering skills are a hit spell, so the bleed chance is valid - will this damage also be increased? the skulls proc the effect, but the source effect comes from SP.

What about on-hit ailments from items (chance to ignite/bleed/poison/damned) that are activated from a hit from a skull?

This is also a question I asked recently, and I am unsure of the answer. However,

This is scaled by Hungering Souls, if you are using Hungering Souls to proc the ailments.

I would have assumed not as it’s from the Spirit Plague skill tree but I don’t know & haven’t tested it.

Yes, since Hungering Souls is spplying them. Gear and passives are all stat sticks, skills ate the only things that do damage, apply ailments, etc.