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Question about void rifts / skill specialization nodes

In some skill specialization trees, there are nodes that affect void rifts. Volatile reversal, to name a skill, has nodes that add stun chance to the void rifts it can create, as well as nodes that increase the rifts’ damage or otherwise affects them. Do all these nodes only affect void rifts created by Volatile Reversal? Or all void rifts, no matter their origin (Erasing Strike also creates void rifts on enemy death)?
Although my question is aimed specifically to the Void Knight skills, I’d like an answer for how skill specialization nodes work, generally. Thanks!

Generally nodes from a skill spec tree only affet things coming from that particular skill, unless otherwise stated.

In your case, this nodes only affect the Void Rifts coming from VR.

I see, thank you for replying!

There are exceptions though. The Flame Ward node that converts it to cold also converts all fire auras to cold as well, regardless of the source.

Please read the following closely :smiling_imp: