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Question about uniques / sets for a mage / sorcerer

I have been playing lighting mage from the beginning, I dropped several dozen unique items for all classes, and only one specific weapon for my mage.No ANY armor or ring for lighting mage . Is this normal(bad luck) or is it just because Early Access does not have all the items for this class?


Thank you, EnuwEpoch, it’s all clear now :slight_smile: I did not expect such an extensive database. Cheers.

All RNG… but uniques are fairly “easy” to farm for thanks to the monolith rare echo reward system…

Be sure to take note of the rarities & boss only drops too… some items you might drool over might be pretty rare or require you to farm a specific boss many times over before getting it…

The side effect of a nice big pot of uniques, is of course the fact that there are many more items so finding that exact one you need will take some clever play and a lot of luck…

And I like it, for sure it is better than drop unique in’s just that some uniques drop very often, so I didnot know what the situation was.
Here if something really good drop , you won’t find anything better for tens of hours.