Question about Thorn Totem


I am currently play a totem build and I have a couple of question regarding thorn totem, I am experienced ARPG players but relatively new to this game:

  • Cast speed increase for totem:
    The totem uses a skill that says “Fire 4 projectiles at random angles in 180° arc with 0.25 seconds delay”, and this ability has a base speed of 1.158 per second.
    Q: Does the increase cast speed on totem also shortens the delay or just it just increase cast speed its ability?

  • Impale(chance for double damage) and Torrent of thorns(chance for double projectiles) node
    For these two nodes in the skill tree, is the double projectiles and damge applie to one cast or each projectile?

Side question:

  • The blossming garden (trigger Eterra blessing on spell use):
    It does not seem to benefit from the specialized version according my test, because the proc on minion doesn`t make them bigger, unlike my direct cast, is it true?

I believe cast speed just increases the firing of the projectiles, the delay is from the moment you summon the totem to when they start casting.

The double projectiles chance would happen upon the totem “casting” its skill “Mystical Thorns” which shoots the projectiles. The double damage chance happens on hit, for each projectile.

I’m not sure about blossoming garden.

The delay is the delay and that’s it. You can’t shorten delays in LE at least to my knowledge because delays != colldowns or attack/cast speeds.

Torrent of thorns has a % chance to double the thorns that are shot it has a chance to shoot 6 instead of 3 for example. Impale is a chance for double dmg so a thorn does 20 instead of 10 dmg. All numbers made up btw ^^.

The what?

Druid passive:

Ahhhh uhm it’s a procc and don’t use the skilled version of Eterra’s Blessing afaik.

Procs do use the specialised versions of skills (Smite & the Smite on throwing hit idol as an example), but since the Summon Thorn Totem skill doesn’t have spell as a player tag (the spell tag is a minion tag) & the passive says “when you directly cast” it shouldn’t proc with anything related to Thorn Totems (not when you summon them or when they cast/fire thorns). And in any event, the size increase is part of the base skill, not a node so this sounds like a bug…

Yes you are right. I mixed something up there ^^.

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I think OP mixed something too because I tested it an it worked properly. :sweat_smile:
There is a cooldown on the proc tho, so maybe that caused the confusion.

Thanks for the explaination, that make sense to me.

I palyed a bit more and found there are two different affixes: “Cast Speed” and “Cast Speed for totems”
Cast Speed is pretty straight forward, but does “cast speed for totems” increase Player cast speed when casting totems or the totem`s cast speed of their abilities?

I was actually using fury leap to test this, and indeed it procs with cooldowns. It is just hard for me to tell whether or not it is using specialized version or not.
I can just tell from visuals(there is a heal visual but not getting bigger), maybe it is indeed a visual bug as you said.

Totem cast speed is the cast speed for totems. Cast speed is only reducing the cast time of spells casted by the player.

OK, Thanks!

I have also tested the procs of Eterra`s Blessing and it is indeed using the specialized version, because when it procs it will summon healing totem if I put points in its tree.

I normaly play spriggan+thorn totem so I never use eterra’s for anything because i spawn healing totems 24/7.