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Question About the Specifics on Bone Armour

New player here, having a blind first playthrough. Got a question on bone armour: On the transplant tree, it says bone armour is on a 10s cooldown, has scaling effectiveness and duration. But on the bone curse tree, it says nothing, just says it has a chance to grant me bone armour with no specifics. I’m puzzled on how it will work since I have both of the trees. Does both trigger share the same cooldown? If I trigger bone armour off of bone curse tree, will it have the same effectiveness and duration as the one I triggered with transplant?

i can’t answer directly but i can tell you that you can watch your character to see when bone armor is active (shards of bone floating around you), and there is an icon that shows when it’s on cooldown. the icon is just left of the mana globe, and has a red outline that acts as the timer to visually indicate how long is left on the cooldown.

you can test it in town and see how they interact. sorry i can’t give a more direct answer, but that should help. :slight_smile:

Bone Armour is a buff with it’s own base values. It can be obtain through various different instances.

The cooldown of the Bone Armour node for Transplant is only an internal cd for THAT specific node.
The buffs for more effectiveness and longer duration are only for the Bone Armour recieved through Transplant. (The cooldown will be displayed with a “Debuff” Symbol on your status bar.

If you gain Bone Armour through other means, like the Bone Curse Node, it will just has it’s base effect.

Global Modifier to Bone Armour, for example an affix on an acolyte Idol will affect all instances of Bone Armour.

Can you elaborate a bit?

From what I understood, you’re saying that the two bone armour does not share a cooldown and can trigger separately? Does that also mean that I can have two bone armour buffs at the same time? One from Transplant and one from Bone Curse?

No you can only have one bone armour at the same time.

I am not 100% sure, but i would assume that Transplant would overwrite Bone Curses Bone Armour.

Bone Curses Bone Armour Node does not have a cooldown, but it’s a % based proc, so it’s not guaranteed 100% uptime, if you don’t kill enough mobs.

Transplant is a “on-demand” 100% guaranteed Bone Armour (with a longer duration and more effectiveness if you skill that), which for balancing give it a cooldown.

But all of that is totally fine. I usually use Bone Curse all the time to have Bone Armour while doing Trash Mobs and Transplant gives you the opportunity to have guaranteed Bone Armour fpor Bosses and Rares, when you don’t have mobs to kill.

hey, i have 2 questions about these skills specs:

  • "marrow thief " skill does not proc with minion kills? giving me bone armor when they kill mobs
  • “cursed limbs” skill does not proc with minion hits? activating bone curse on mobs being hit by my minions


Explained it on discord.

Cursed Limbs is a buff that the player gets which reapplies bone curse.

Marrow Thief should proc if your hit, bone curse’s damage proc or bone curse’s cull (Brittle Bones) kills the mob.

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