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Question about the shield throw node "rygar's fury"

Was watching Boardman21’s video and he talked about you can bypass this node’s block penalty if you have the shield barrage node (the one that makes your ST 0 CD), meaning you can still block when your shield’s out flying around. Is that still the case now? Is it a bug or it’s working as intended (which I highly doubt)?

This should be working as intended. The wording is a bit ambiguous, but ‘released’ is pointing to the period of time where the shield is out and the player has to wait for it to come back for the cooldown to start. Since shield barrage ignores the need to wait for the shield (and also removes the cooldown), it’s technically never considered ‘released’ any more.

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I see, that’s actually pretty dope and makes lots of sense! Thanks for the clarification :smiley: