Question about Storm Breaker

I am playing a sorcerer focusing on Lightning. My main skill is Elemental Nova / Lightning Nova.

Does the “lightning damage leeched as health” on this weapon apply to the Lightning Nova or is it just apply to the melee damage of the weapon?

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The Lightning Damage Leeched as Health would would for all lightning damage, since it does not specify anything other than lightning.
Important here would be, that some spells like Elemental Nova can do hybrid damage, depending how you setup your skill spec tree and the leech only works on the lightning damage part.

But generally speaking this weapon is not really good for spellcasters, because you will miss Adaptive Spell Damage, which is sourced from the weapon slot the most.

You will deal so much less dmg, that all the leech will not have much of an effect.

Some other good alternatives would be Prism Wraps or Avarice

Those are way better for spellcasters, if you are looking for leech.

Thank you for that information.

At the moment I am getting some leech from the bleeding amulet.

Avarice i didnt get on this toon but I can still get it on another toon and put into the stash.


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