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Question about Static Orb distance ramping

The base skill says the damage and area of effect ramps with distance traveled up to +100%, but it’s not clear to me what that maximum distance is. I also am not sure how the Volatile Outburst node (increases damage ramp with distance - 3 ranks, 30% per point) and the Storm Burst node (more damage and area, but distance is capped at 4 meters) interact with this.

  1. What’s the distance for 100% ramp on the base skill? Does the damage bonus ramp linearly until that distance (halfway = +50%)?
  2. Does Volatile Outburst increase the maximum possible ramp (can go almost twice as far for x2.9 damage instead of x2), the rate that it ramps per distance to the same maximum (gains x2 damage at a little over half the distance), or both (can go the same max distance for x2.9 damage)?
  3. Storm Burst seems more intuitive, but just to confirm: Does this cap the ramping bonus at less than 100%? For example, if the base skill gets +100% at 10 meters, does it only ever get +40% more damage from distance, since it breaks at 4 meters? Of course, it would then get another x1.3 from the benefits of Storm Burst note.
  4. Answers to the above questions might answer this, but how do Volatile Outburst and Stormburst interact? My guess is that they don’t synergize very well.
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