Question about Skill leveling past 20

I have 3 extra points provided by equipment for a skill.

I’ve noticed (or am I imagining this?) a couple skills that I’ve started from scratch have made it to lvl 20 faster than this skill is making it from lvl 22 to 23.

Is the game factoring in that I have “22 points” and making that last 23rd point take longer than it would from 19 to 20?

Should I remove the gear responsible for the bonus points so that I can go from 19 to 20 (instead of 22 to 23). Will that get me that last point quicker?

Thanks in advance.

I would imagine that leveling skill from 22 to 23 will take longer than from 18 to 19.
It is probably similar to your leveling as well, higher level, lower income, and I do speak about high character level.
It is probably similar for skills, but someone from the dev team would make it clear for you for sure.

I’m earning my 20th point, not a 23rd.

I shouldn’t be pressured into removing the gear point bonuses to just to earn that last point quicker.

I strongly feel the time taken to earn your 20th point should not be affected by any bonus points on your gear.

Though I’m still not 100% sure that I’m not imagining this.

Since posting I’ve removed 2 points from that skill so now its at “19+1” working towards “20+1” (instead of “19+3” working towards “20+3”).

I’ll report back. 3

It should not change anything

Items that give +x to skills are an absolute nightmare in this game because when you take them off, they will remove skill points at random. hard to believe I know. But this means it will often remove points that are absolutely key to your build, forcing you to either keep that +x item on forever, or respec, remove other less significant points and level them all over again. This will happen again and again as you swap +x items in and out.

It is not “random” and it’s intended by design.
There are countless threads in the forums, some of which have comments from the devs.


Regarding OP

Skill points added by items should not change how long the skill takes for leveling.

I had multiple characters since patch 091 that used low and medium level uniques(Legendaries) that grant skill points, since Legendaries don’t increase the level requirement.

And even though some skill were multiple levels higher through items, they still leveled up at the same time as skills without any bonus levels

Yeah I agree.

I think if you could remove your last 3 points with gear and simply add them back on that would definitely cheese the skill respeccing process.

I understand why it is the way it is.

And an update to my dilemma, It was all in my head. I had lost track of volatile reversals extra point by gear, and while I thought it was retraining skill 20 over and over it was actually retraining skill 19.

In fact ALL FIVE of my skills just dinged 20 in the same map. Can you believe that?

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Come on dude, I am pretty sure you have already said that and you have already been given the answer. You don’t like it okay, but get over it. Don’t roam around the forum spreading lies.


Just because it’s by design doesn’t make it any less stupid, or annoying. Shard manual pick-up, is by design as well, and there are numerous threads about people hating it.

Yes, that’s normal.

Yes, hard to believe because that’s not what actually happens…

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Feel free to explain

About skill points not being removed at random? The devs have said that they’ve got an algorithm to determine which nodes to remove them from that won’t break a skill tree (ie, remove “too many” points from a precursor node) or just remove the last points applied ('cause that would be too easy to abuse to get round the respec “mechanic”).

You’re free to believe that the devs are lying to us (with or without malice aforethought) but that would be on you & not reflective of reality.

Well they’ve completely failed in the “won’t break a skill tree” requirement, since it very very often does exactly that. I am constantly forced to respec* points after replacing a +x to skill item with something else. It removes vital points far more often than expendable points. All too often I find I am having to pull out the points I wish it had removed just so I can earn back the absolutely vital points it actually removed.

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That’s not what they mean. It’s not supposed to hold your hand & exclusively remove a “minor” bonus (like a more damage modifier). I don’t know how it works or the decision making involved, but when they say it won’t “break a skill tree”, they mean remove sufficient points from a precursor node such that you wouldn’t otherwise be “allowed” to use subsequent nodes. What you mean is totally different (which is fine).

Ah, you confused me because I assumed the thing you were referring to (do not break the “hard” rules of the tree) would go without saying.

So what exactly makes the choice then if it isn’t random? Because that is algorithm that isn’t working.

So it could in fact be random then? You began by saying very confidently that I was wrong to claim it was random. It seems random to me.

That doesn’t mean it’s random.

No, the devs have said it isn’t random, that’s why I am confident in saying that it’s not random. Just because I don’t understand or have in depth knowledge of how it works, doesn’t mean it’s random.

It’s working as intended (according to the devs), it’s just not working how you want, they are two different things.

@Ghostlight I don’t know if this helps you comprehend that this system is not removing “random” points.
If you have the same skill spec tree, the skill point that gets removed will always be the same.

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I am aware of that. It’s the choice of the point that is removed I am unhappy with. That is what seems random, and more often than not it is a key point that forces me to re-level the skill. Whatever the algorithm in use to make the choice is, it sucks for many many skills and is a huge anti-QoL mechanic.

I cannot see why it isn’t always the point you spent when you equipped a +1 item that comes off when you remove it. Simple. Anything else is dumb.

Because, as I said previously, they don’t want it used as a way to get around the skill respec “mechanic”.

If I have a skill that has a decent spec for AoE & a decent spec for single target, I could set up the common nodes, then equip the +1-12 (I think is the max achievable for certain skills) point gear for clear, then when I get to the dungeon/quest echo boss un/re-equip the gear to get a free respec to single target.

Sorry, I thought that was obvious (& dumb).