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Question about Sigils of Hope and Faith Node

Does the heal from faith get increased with increased healing effectiveness at all, or is it a flat 200 heal that can only be increased with the following node |Unwavering faith| by a 20%?

It literally stastes “healing you for X”, so yes this is heal.

Also the follow up node that increases this heal, will work together with that.

First a skill gets all the stuff from the skill specilaisation tree and then all your other stats will get applied to that final value.

Thanks, i feel like it was an obvious thing but just really wanted to double check, i don’t think the game has a buff indicator icon for |Divine essence| on the paladin tree, and wasn’t sure if the heal was giving me the stack.

I don’t know if this specific node has a buff indicitaor, the Void Knight Counter Part (Void Essence) does have one though.

Do you reliably heal your self? Since divine essence has a fairly low proc chance it might be super inconsitent if you don’t heal you self constantly. (HP Regen, Leech and Health on Block/Hit/Dodge etc. do not count as heal)

Yep, just checked and it does have an indicator, spammed healing ward on myself and it did proc, i guess trying to get this buff from Sigils of Hope healing me its just too low, thanks again!

The most reliable healing skill on Paladin is probably Smite or Judgment, just for your info.