Question about shield throw to void conversion

There is a 149% shield throw damage convert to void on 1*3 idol affix.

  1. does this conversion also convert lava burst on shield throw’s eruption node?

  2. modifying value is 149% on lastepochtools; does this mean this conversion will increase shield throw total(or base) damage? if it does, does it stacks?

  1. I want to say no (that it only converts the base skill not any procs such as Lava Burst) but have a sneaking suspicion that it might be yes. It’d be relatively easy to test though, craft some gear with lots of % increased void damage & compare the Lava Burst damage with & without the gear (or passive points). Just make sure that any flat added spell damage (from a caster weapon &/or passives) is the same as that will have a big impact.

  2. No, it’s just a bit of a numerical weirdness, it “only” fully converts Shield Throw to void & has no other impact beyond that.

Sounds like a bug with the website, the idols in the game only say 100%.

No because lava burst is a triggered ability that isn’t based on the damage of shield throw. I imagine if you did a void shield throw build you wouldn’t take the lava burst nodes.

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