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Question about shard "x% increased crit chance for Flurry"

Where can I see the actual crit chance for flurry after using some gear with the above mentioned shard? I managed to forge a T5 but see no difference in the crit chance of the damage tab. Or is there a way to calculate it myself?

There currently is no way to see the crit chance of individual abilities.

Yes you can manually calculate your crit chance.

Base Crit is always 5%.
You need to figure out how much +% base crit you have and then use all your % inc. crit(generic and the flurry specific) to calculate your final crit chance. (Flury also has base crit in its skill spec tree).

But from my experience, you don’t need to really care that much about how much crit chance exactly you have.
Especially as rogue you have super easy access to Critical Strike Vulnerability, which gives you 5% base crit per stack on the enemy. Which also gets increased by your %inc crit chance.

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Thanks to both of you! That really helped.
Now I understand how all this ability specific crit chance works. Would be nice though, if the LE Tools would have a calculator for the abilities one day…

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Now I see where your name comes from!

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