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Question about shadow daggers

Hello fellow Travelers!
I was hoping if someone knows if, lets say, a shadow was to cast a Shadow Cascade that further casts Shadow Daggers, are said daggers influenced by ’ Increased Damage of Skills used by Shadows’?

Increased Damage of Skills used by Shadows should definitely boost Shadow Cascade as that is being proc’d by the Shadow, but as Shadow Cascade is proccing Shadow daggers separately, I am not sure if the same affix would apply… My gut feeling is that it probably wouldnt, but LE is a little tricky regarding secondary procs so I am not sure…

This one might be better to ask in the Ask the Dev section on LE Discord. Mike or Kain would probably be able to respond with a definitive answer fairly quickly (probably faster than waiting on a reply here)

This has been asked before so a search on discord might be a good idea first.

Thanks I guess, will ask on Disc then.