Question about Sanguine Hoard

I was reading the first affix for Sanguine Hoard and was wondering if the modifier “chance to bleed on BOW hit” would get converted to bleed chance per sec with Hail of Arrows as well? Does only “chance to bleed on hit” get converted?

The affix: “#% of chance to bleed on hit gained as bleed chance per second with hail of arrows”

It does work. The only thing it doesn’t work on are guaranteed bleed stacks - from the passive or other sources. Any applicable chance to bleed is converted.

But arrow guard is mandatory on bow rogue so its a moot point anyway.

I hate that you use the word “mandatory”.
And its also not true.
The LP rate got nerfed, its very unlikely to find a 3/4lp AG like we used to do pre 0.9
Its not mandatory on SC, helpful on arena pushes for sure.
You will not reach 100%GB automatically when equipping the quiver. So its not a guaranteed source of dmg reduction. Some players still die because they rely on the defensive numbers without interacting with GB buffs like Dusk Shrouds.

Mandatory is pehaps a strong word, but you know how had is stack defenses on Marksman and the quiver is a solid defensive item that is really hard to replace.

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Thanks man. Took a look at Arrow Guard and yeah, that’s really hard to beat, but I’m rolling with a Sanguine Hoard right now and currently hunting for one with >= 2LP!

Hello friends. I’m planning to play this quiver too. Will normal hit with puncture or flurry still inflict bleed or everything is about HoA?