Question about Rune of Ascendance

Quick question, I just learned about the Rune of Ascendance and was wondering is it possible to get a Reign of Winter Bow from it?

The Rune of Ascendance can only create world drop Uniques so it cannot create boss specific Uniques. The Reign of Winter is a boss specific Unique from Heorot in the Age of Winter timeline so it cannot be made from Rune of Ascendance.


It can also create any (world drop) unique regardless of whether its above your level or not and the item you use only has to be broadly correct (1h swords, bows, etc) it doesn’t have to be the same base as the unique you’re trying to get (any 1h sword base can be used to get any 1h sword unique). Also, you can get uniques with lp on them from the Rune of Ascendance.

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All true but none of it helps OP get Reign of Winter from Rune of Ascendance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: