Question about poison duration

So poison does 35 base over 3 seconds. However the build I’m doing has a rather noticeable duration increase. Now will poison still only do 35 base over 5+ seconds. Or does it do an average of 11.66 per second for the whole duration?

99% sure its the latter, otherwise poison duration would be useless.


Poison is imho ticking damage every seconds, if it says 35 base over 3 secondes, it means 35 damage every second for a total of 3 seconds, that’s the way poisons / dots works usually.

So if you take increase poison duration it increase the time the poison will be ticking and how much stack you’ll be able to put on the target.

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Not totally useless, one could reach higher stacks and every stack shreds poison resistance.

I agree with you though :smiley:

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Ty for the quick responses. Was hoping it’d be tick damage. Makes my might buttpoke and run primalist even stronger.

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