Question about Orobyss max distance


I have read in guides and in a lot of comments that it is recommended to do orobyss with atleast +15 corruption for better loot. At this point i have completed around 30 empowered timelines uncovering half or often more than half the timelines edges but the max corruption i could find is +14.

Now my question is i have just been very unlucky always uncovering the “wrong” edges? So in this case i should always uncover more until i find +15 or more?
Or maybe something is changed with the 1.0 release and the corruption can’t go past +14?

Hope this is the right section and thank you for help :grinning:

The base corruption earned is a function of how far the node is from the centre.

When I see a Shade node, the only consideration I have is whether I have obtained all the rewards I can currently see. If not, I will hoover those and look again until there’s nothing significant left I care about. When there is nothing I want, I kill the Shade.

+18 is the maximum Shade right now. It is extermely rare to find one, because usually paths are blocked for the most part.

Generally if you want to push corruption it is not advised to forcefully search for such high shades.

You should try to go away from the center and see how far you get without every way getting blocked. At some point everythign will be blocked and you need to go “sideways”. At this point if you already have found a +10, +12 oder +14 shades it is usually better to just do them.

Deeper shades do drop better loot, that is correct. But also try and have 2 enemy modifiers active, when fighting the shade. The %inc item rarity gives higher chances for the rare boss drops as well.