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Question about multishot being casted on flurry

hey guys, is there any place that I can see exactly what passive points in the multishot skill tree will be applied if I cast they through flurry? like for example:
Efficient Draw makes multishot cost less mana, but does it applies to when you cast through flurry?
The same question goes to the Quick draw point, the attack speed you get on this node goes to how fast you channel flurry?
And last, Back to Back and Repeater Bow, does it apply to the normal attacks of flurry or only counts for every multishot that flurry casts?
Because i’m seeing some multishot builds and they put points in those nodes but they don’t actually explain if it works or don’t, and since i’m trying to create my own multishot build I really need to know what actually affects multishot when casting through Flurry.
Thanks in advance!

Everything gets applied but not everything is relevant (mana cost and attack speed, everything else should be ok).

ok, thanks for the reply!

You can stack all more damage stuff and ignore all downsides like less attackspeed and more mana cost.

Thats makes the two skills combo so nicely

Procced multis do not cost mana at all and they do not care for attackspeed.

But the faster your flurry is the more multis you procc.

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u sure they don’t cost mana? because when I tested this, every time my flurry procced multis my mana goes down a little more

Yes, that’s just the channel cost. The node that procs multishot in flurry already adds more channel costs if you also had to pay multishot’s mana cost as well when it procs that would be a bit harsh (and very noticeable since its expensive).

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If it would cost mana you would notice that like a truck - your ball would go empty in seconds if not split seconds :wink:

I really want to reply to this but know I shouldn’t… :frowning:


yeah I know, if the multi procced costing the whole mana I knew I wouldn’t keep the channeling for more than 3 secs, but I recorded and watched on slowmo to see the mana dropping and, if it actually don’t cost more mana, it’s just an animation of the mana (numbers included) dropping incorrectly

1 multishot proc by flurry doesn’t cost mana at all. if you question that, you can try multishot skill tree node readied arrow( it will increase mana cost 100% of multishot) to see how long you can keep channelling flurry till out of mana.

2 multishot proc by flurry applies channelled furry’s attack speed instead of its own attack speed.

3 double shot node is effective to multishot proc by flurry.