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Question about Minion Damage

If i get “increased minion damage” all types of minion damage is increased. So 100% increased minion damage will also give 100% increased minion melee damage, 100% increased minion fire damage etc.

And my minion skills always have a tag if they are melee/bow/spell and a tag if the deal physical/fire/necrotic/… damage.

So how is the total increased damage calculated?
Logically it should be: minion base damage x increased minion damage x increased minion damage type x increased minion damage element. But that doesn’t seem to be right.

The way it is shown in the character stats “increased minion damage” would always be better than any alternative, because it increases all minion damage stats at once.
Why take 140% increased minion fire damage if you could increase minion fire AND minion spell damage by 100% instead for my Pyromancer Skeletal Mage?

The character screen adds all possible modifiers to all possible lines, which is why that minion damage affix affects minion spell damage & minion melee damage. When the damage is calculated it’s only added in once though.

So is it minion base damage x increased minion damage x increased minion damage type x increased minion damage element?

Well, it’s (minion base damage + minion flat added damage) x (sum of all increased minion damage) x (more minion damage 1) x (more minion damage 2) x (more minion damage 3) x etc
Then it does that by damage element.

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Does generic increased minion damage also increase the dot damage they do?

Yes, just like it does for the player.

Like Llama stated the increased damage is not double dipping on your minion damage - A pyro will not have 3x damage with a 100% increase.

The damage and defensive modifiers in LE get higher values the more specific they are. So the specific “minion fire damage” is better for a fire minion specialised character than increased damage due to its higher increased damage value at the same affix tier. The downside is that it doesn’t modify the damage of your skeleton Rogues.

If you run a mixed build with minions with different damage types, the generic damage mod is the better choice because all your minions benefit from it.

Same with resistance affixes. Fire Resistance > Elemental Reesistance. But Elemental Resistance covers 3 damage types instead of only one.

So the choice depends on your build.