Question about Manifest Armor stats taken from my gear

Manifest armor states that it takes the stats from your gear, so I assume %inc fire damage applies 1:1. That’s fine.

But what about if I have a helmet with +level of Manifest Armor which also comes with +% inc minion damage. Does that minion damage apply just once, from me, or does it apply twice because it’s also on the minion itself?

I would assume not, but I wanna confirm.

Someone will probably confirm it for you, but I think it won’t. It would only affect the minions that minion had. I think it basically works as if the minion is wearing the gear itself. So minions stats would apply to his minions only.

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That’s how I would figure it’d work. I’m just struggling to find where, if anywhere, on Sentinel/Forgeguard there are increases to minion damage in the passives and wanting for more damage in build planning.

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Correct, if an entity has a thing that gives them minion stats, then that is applied to its minions, not itself (if it’s a minion).


I had figured as much. Thanks!

The question now becomes, are you expect as a Sentinel/Forge Guard to get a vast majority of your minion damage on gear only? Because the tree’s got jack all for minion damage.

Yes, evidently, or the skill trees.

Well of course the skill’s tree will have damage for them, but for my attacks, my entire passives tree has support for them, but it’s crazy that in a mastery that has 3 minion skills there’s next to no minion damage support on it’s mastery tree.

2, Manifest Armour is a “proper” DPS minion, Ring of Shields is a support minion. Forge Guard’s passive tree is in a very odd/rough place, IMO, it’s trying to spread itself too thinly between melee, minion & throwing, with honourable mentions to both 2h & shield nodes. It needs to pick an identity & then focus on that.

Forge Strike! It’s got 3 minion skills. I do wish it would pick minions as its identity. More minion classes, me more likey.

Yeah, that’s a split skill, ~10 of ~28 nodes buff minions (I’m not counting Singular Craft as that reduces the number of minions you can get). So I wouldn’t count that as a “proper” minion skill (like Manifest Armour/Ring of Shields). And if you’re going down the “but it can spawn minions” route, then so can Warpath, Rive & Multistrike. And if you want to get even more morally dubious, Devouring Orb creates damaging independent entities…

Fair enough. Lol. Point still stands, for a class with 2.5 minion skills, it really needs some more minion support. To be fair, if you can get all of your defenses from the mastery (there is quite a bit of tank in the mastery), you can focus solely on damage on your gear. The opportunity costs are different and you could argue are better balanced than I give it credit, but overall it seems… not great.

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Hey, so when I asked this question in the Discord a while ago, I got an interesting answer.

Manifest Armor inherits some stats, but not all of them - mainly it inherits the non-special ones, and it applies as if the Manifest Armor is a player. In your case, you, yourself are wearing +level of Manifest Amor and +% inc minion damage. These things effect your Manifest Armor through you. However, on the manifest armor’s version of what you are wearing, they effect the Manifest Armor’s minions (which is probably won’t have). So it doesn’t get double counted.

It is still worth having the stat though as %increased minion damage is multiplicative with everything that is on the armor (so that means if you have 1000% increased minion damage and 1000% increased damage, they get multiplied by each other). That’s how Manifest Armor is probably one of the highest DPS abilities in the game at over 100 million dps if correctly built.


Hmm. You might have helped along my 2nd build for the cycle. Thank you for the interesting information, random internet person!

It should be noted, though, that you CAN double dip, just not in the way you were exposing in the OP.
The set weapon Sinathia’s Dying Breath, if you take the node that also inherits weapon stats, gives 25% res to yourself and your minions. And when the minion replicates that, he will also get 25% res and would, presumably, also give 25% res to his minions. So in total the armor gets 50% res.
This is a fringe case, but it’s possible to create other cases like this where you have the same stat for yourself and for minions, causing the double dip.


No prob, glad it’s useful to you :slight_smile: . As a note, the 100 million dps number is while using shield throw mechanic and Devouring Orb and Anamoly’s damage boost nodes.

Originally I wanted to do some minion ignite/fire DoT build w/ the lad and Ring of Shields but 100m DPS sounds like fun.

If that’s happening then that should be a bug since all % increased damage is additive not multiplicative.

Not sure if it’s actually a bug (also not sure if it was changed in last major patch).

Basically, when you get increased damage for yourself, it gets transferred to the armor as if it was in the armor’s tech tree. So it acts as a more multiplier. Then you have increased minion damage which does nothing when transferred to the armor, but boosts the armor in the normal way minion increased damage works.

Things might have changed though.

That feels wrong, I’d have expected % increased player damage to be additive rather than multiplicative.

Edit: Discord
Yup, it should be treated as normal (additive).

Yup, still additive. Apparently it [maybe, but for a different reason] used to be multiplicative but isn’t anymore (Mike checked in-game).