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How do I tell what the most LP a unique item can have is?

I can see the “effective level for legendary potential” stat on the items, but how do I translate that into knowing if a 3 or 4LP is possible?

All items can come with 4 LP.
You are probably referring to some external site info with this “effective level”, that is something about the chances of the LP showing up. It might be more or less easy, but it is always possible.

In addition to @Houlala, Legendary Potential Level - the higher the level, the less chance for the item to drop with LP.

There are some forum threads where other players have tried to calculate the chances of getting 4LP on some items - lets just say that if you are hoping for a Ravenous Void with 4LP, you might die of old age before you get one unless you have oodles of RNGGod social credits…

but its not impossible for lower legendary potential level items to get higher LP… I recently found an Apathys Maw (legendary potential of 65) with 3LP… farmed MANY orobyss for it, but its not impossible.

It’s RNGesus.

You mean higher legendary potential level, since the lower the legendary potential level of the item the more likely it is for the item to have LP.

OP, the devs won’t tell us the formula, but that number is used in a formula to calculate the chance of uniques getting LP when they’re dropped. I don’t remember the specific number, but for a 115 item (ie, Ravenous Void), the odds of getting 4 lp ate phenomenally low, the devs calculated it for us and you’d need somewhere around 1.6x10^19 Ravenous Void gloves to drop to get 1 pair with 4 lp. Though getting them with lower lp would be substantially easier.

We’re not even supposed to know this number exists. We only know it because it has been datamined, but with a normal (and very rare) way to play the game, we don’t know this number exists. And therefore, we don’t wonder about it. :wink:

Ummmm, 'k.

The “cool” thing about this is, that there is something, that was datamined, but we as player cannot really put this number in correlation, because we don’t have the exact formula.

This is a great way for devs to suppress datamining (which I think is a bad thing in these kind of games)

If there were no datamining there would be no build planner or Tunk’s site with all the useful planners he has, the community would be significantly worse off than the minor amount of confusion that Tunk’s/Dammitt’s datamining has given us. It’s a very small price to pay considering what certain awesome fans have been able to give us in return.

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While there is good things coming out of datamining, I don’t think it’s necessary and with too much information about a game, there will be more/easier “meta-tactics”.

We can’t prevent datamining and it can bring very good things. Dammit and Tunk’s sites are a proof of that.
All resides in the dataminer’s ethics. Should they reveal all what they find, or should they hide a part? I think dataminers should not reveal all, and maybe Dammit and Tunk don’t show all what they’ve found.

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They don’t, there’s more info that they have that they could display but don’t.

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