Question about in game chat moderators:

Can we expect any chat moderators in game to be properly tagged/identified with some kind of official moniker or are you guys hiring/deputizing people without doing this?

If you in fact you do assign special monikers you have an imposter.

Why do you say that? Do you have a screenshot of this?

Oh, sorry, thought you meant staff. Chat mods don’t have a tag.

Why NOT?

What is keeping anyone from acting like a mod?

Getting the right people the ability to moderate chat was more important so we did that part first.

If someone masquerades as a mod they won’t have any abilities to do anything. We are working on getting them some official indicators.

I wish I would have screen shot what I said that prompted him to speak to me. Someone said “POE has gotten too complicated with all the different mechanics” and that caught my eye while I was playing. I reply to him by name and I said “I totally agree, for me at least with all the league mechanics that have been added over the years, there is too much for me to learn after coming back from a long absence”.

Then tny messages me and asks me not to talk about POE.

In the initial message, did he say that he was a mod and tell you not to because it’s against the rules or was it just one player to another asking you not to?

He did not introduce himself as a moderator.

(paraphrasing) “Could you please not talk about POE, its a subject that gets people fired up…”

Then I straight up asked him who he was to ask me that.

I have a screen shot of a guy using the N word from this morning. That is more in line with what I would think a mod should spend his energy on than trying to stop me from talking about POE after one single innocuous reply to another innocuous one.

On these forums and even in chat I try not to speak in absolutes. I try very hard not to present my opinions as facts.

I don’t think I need to be spoken to for that comment at all. If that is the kind of moderation you guys are aiming for I’ll just disable chat.

If having a small army of chat mods to actually “monitor” chat is your goal that makes sense to me (screen shots/reporting back to you) but I’m not sure its wise to give them a green light to talk on behalf of EHG without some kind of proof they actually are there as your representatives.

I looked at the chat conversation. We are still evolving our chat moderation protocols as we have seen an influx of people recently. From what I can see they were trying to deescalate the situation. We have reviewed the situation with other moderators too. Thanks for the feedback on the situation.

If you could submit the screenshot of the person using the N word to support, we can quickly follow up on that.

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In the future, please don’t post them publicly on the forum. The link I sent lays out instructions for reporting chat infractions.

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