Question about how damage scaling works

So this happens a lot to me. I see a build guide/video that interests me and I try it out and I get lackluster results. Sometimes it is because I substitute exalted for uniques and then I hit a wall because without the uniques/legendaries I am not strong enough to farm for the items I am missing. So I was looking at this “unstoppable paladin build” and thought I would try it out with gear from my stash. I have quite a long ways to go to gear this the way he describes, but there are no uniques in his build. What is interesting is that I feel I should be closer to his performance than I am. Let’s take his tooltip dps number for rive. He has a number of 155,963 on his rive tooltip without any buffs (no aura, sigal or volatile reversal). I have a tooltip on rive of 11,144. This builds depends on guaranteed crit every 3rd swing. So if you look at the difference in our numbers:


  • Crit Chance : 5% (which is irrelevant since it is 100% every 3rd swing)
  • Crit multiplier: 521%
  • %physical damage 557%
  • flat physical damage: 137
  • Strength: 38
  • attack speed 11%


  • Crit Chance : 15% (which is irrelevant since it is 100% every 3rd swing)
  • Crit multiplier: 249%
  • %physical damage 392%
  • flat physical damage: 78
  • Strength: 37
  • attack speed 5%

So I feel that my dps would be roughly 50% better than mine, but I must be missing something critical. He hits the dummy for over 100K and I hit for 13K crits. Also, I can only tickle high health mobs and bosses at 100 corruption.

What would you recommend would make the biggest impact first? flat damage? crit multiplier? %physical;? penetration?

Thanks in advance for any learning you can throw my way!

Looks like you linked the same planner for yours and his.

Oops! I have fixed

Just a quick look - I am not one for spreadsheet level calculations.

Caveat here - tooltip dps values can be very odd (and the devs confirmed it) so do your comparisons whacking a dummy rather that jus taking the fixed numbers.

His double crit multi, double flat damage and 150% physical increased will make a big difference in damage compared to yours.

My suggestion would be that flat damage and crit multi are the two you are lacking.

Not sure if you have spare crafting shards and other gear stashed but you should try and test this by swapping out something for a lot more physical flat damage and without changing anything else, see how much of a difference it makes. Then try and do similar with crit multi. I expect that you quickly be able to see what ON YOUR BUILD would benefit the most from an update right now.

Well, all those modifiers (ignoring Strength 'cause that’s only a 4% per point % increased modifier & I can’t be arsed) are effectively all separate so you can get the % difference & then multiply them to get a multiplier from your DPS to his (assuming all else is equal), which it very roughly does.

Crit multi, his is 2.1x yours
% Phys, his is 1.4x yours
Flat phys, his is 1.8x yours
Attack speed, his is 2.2x yours
If you multiply all those together you get x11.5 & his tooltip dps is x14 yours, which given we’re doing back-of-a-fag-packet-maths here ('cause I can’t be arsed to do the proper maths), is close enough. And that’s not including the lower points you have in Brutality (he has 3 for a 45% more modifier versus your 2 for 30%), so given you’re “only” ~14x lower tooltip dps, you’re doing well as I’d expect it to be ~x17 lower (though I’ve not done the proper maths on the crit)…

TLDR, yeah, you’ve got a long way to go.

Everything, but I’d go for either the areas you’re furthest behind (attack speed, crit multi & flat phys) or the areas that you can most easily get an upgrade in.

You can do it on a napkin, I just do it on a spreadsheet 'cause it’s easier.

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