Question about Explosivetrap ele-conversion

There are two notes to convert the damage from fire to lightning or cold.
You can choose both, does this mean it is now cold and lightning?
Im just confused cause the exposivetrap scale tag still shows fire, lightning and cold.
And im sure 1 element scales better than the other…

If you take this 2 nodes + the one between them, you’ll throw 3 traps : 1 fire, 1 cold and 1 lightning. If you take the node that allow to drop 2 additional traps, you’ll drop 3 fire, 1 cold and 1 lightning trap.

I don’t know what happens if you don’t take the node between the 2 conversion nodes, haven’t tested it.

One of the nodes says what happens if you take both. Reading the alt text of skill and passive nodes is usually a good start when thinking of this kind of question.