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Question about ennemy scaling

After reaching level 68 I decided to leave the arena and do a full respec of my passive points to try something. I spend all my points and rejoin the arena and I notice that my character is doing around 50 times less damage than before.

So my question is, does this have anything to do with ennemy/instance scaling as I gained several levels in the arena before leaving or is that simply a bug?

I may also add that in the process I specced into Void Knight. I dont know if ascending gives you some hidden negative/positive effects or something

Indeed mob lvl seems (in arena) seems to be based on char level onto which each 5 waves (i guess) adds a %dmg and %hp to mobs.

It is much easier to progress with the same gear (since there are no lvl requirements) as a low level than a higher level, at least at the start.

Later, one shot mechanics might come in play, don’t think you can really get into the 1.5K+ hp on a low lvl chars right now

Thanks for the answer. Im still a bit surprised by how rough the arena suddently became after gaining just a few levels. I guess ill test with another character/class to see how it compares

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