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Question about enemy modifiers

Hi, I want to ask, enemy modifiers (from echoes and from shade fight) in timelines also count in the fight against the timeline boss?

The shade gets the purple skull mod guaranteed plus any non-rare mob mods. An example is enrage at half health (very deadly based on other mods).

As Jehzir said, bosses are boss mobs, not rare mobs.

So when the echo says “xy to enemies” it only applies to mobs, but not to the timeline boss?
Do I get it right?
(because the boss is also an enemy for me … :wink:)

And modifiers from shade(corruption, purple skull modifiers) apply only to echoes and only to non-rare mobs? (modifiers of the purple skull does not apply to bosses also?)

No, every modifiers applies to all enemies.
Only exception are modifiers that specifically state “Rare enemies have X Y Z”

Those only apply to rare enemies (Yellow color-coded enemies)

Shade, Timeline Bosses and all other types of enemies are affected by all other modifiers.

Oh, I get it now.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Except “Undead enemies have…”. It’s not very common, but it still exists. I guess it affects Abomination, though.

Yeah that is another modifier that does not affect all enemies, you are right.

Same goes for “Void enemies deal increased damage”.

But obviously if the boss or shades fits I to a given category it gets affected.

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