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Question about Elemental Nova

Hello Sorcerer here,

I’m geared for cold damage, Passives as well.

Currently strictly cold nova, but I want to work my way to Arcane projection (nova becomes targetable).

To get there I must take fire nova. After taking fire nova, Elemental Nova now seems to toggle between the two novas (cold and fire). I expected them to both go off at the same time.

Here is my question:

Being geared/specc’d for cold does taking Fire Nova gimp Elemental nova at all? Will half my novas be pure fire (and not supported by my gear or passives)?

The tool tip did go up in damage when I spent the point.

Thanks in advance.

You should get this item The Ashen Crown - Unique Silver Crown - Helmet - Last Epoch Item Database

As for those novas they will not go off at the same time.

If you’ve geared for Cold damage (instead of elemental damage) then you gimp your damage by taking fire nova. The tooltip for elemental nova is a mess (you gain more damage because you get the 7% more damage etc) but you actually lose damage but it won’t be shown because nova tooltip just shows the base version (all 3 elements) so for example lightning damage will scale the tooltip even if you are just using cold nova yet it doesn’t actually increase your cold damage at all

That is what I was afraid of.

Thank you very much.

Was there a time when all three went off at once?

Only for an unspec’d Ele Nova as far as I’m aware. Another option is to switch some of your % cold damage affixes to % elemental damage if you didn’t have the Ashen Crown. But the helm would be your best bet if you did want to stay pure cold.