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Question about damage types

I have a Sorcerer who deals Fire damage with Fireball and Elemental Nova. He deals standard fire damage and he also applies Ignite, so he adds fire damage over time.
If I boost Fire damage, will I also boost fire damage over time, or is it just standard damage?
Same question with boosting Elemental damage, but I assume the answer is the same.
I currently use a Staff, but I found a Sceptre with far better Adaptive Spell Damage and implicit Increased elemental damage. If I switch to the Sceptre, will the implicit boost only fire damage or also fire damage over time?

Yes, Fire damage will also boost ignite/fire dmg over time.
Elemental dmg also boosts ignite and frostbite dmg.
Elemental dmg over time is one of the best prefixes you can get for dot dmg scaling since the tier values are higher than for example a regular fire dmg affix.
So when Fire is your main dmg type for Fireball & Elemental Nova and you both go Hit & DoT scaling, choose Fire dmg > Elemental dmg > Elemental dmg over time. For pure ignite dmg go Elemental dmg over time > Fire dmg > Elemental dmg.

So I made a mistake: my current staff has increased fire damage and increased damage over time. I will go for fire damage and cast speed, probably, or crit chance.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

No, the implicit adaptive spell damage will only apply to the spell, not the ailment.

Oh, that’s a bit sad but good to know. Thanks!