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Question about damage scaling with Hail of Arrows

hey there, I’m trying to build a hail of arrows build and I have a question about damage scalling on this skill.
I’ve got the node that makes the skill be converted from physical to cold damage, and it says:
“Hail of Arrows’ base physical damage and added bow damage is converted to cold. Consequently this damage scales with increases to cold damage, but not increases to physical damage”
the scaling tags are:
“Cold, bow attack, damage over time, dexterity”

actually I have two questions, first one is: how the bow attack is applied to the damage? if I put a normal bow without any stats, just the base stats of a recurve bow for example (1.05 base atk rate, +33 physical damage), why my damage goes up? if the bow is only giving me physical damage it shouldn’t be increasing my dps, right? it’s probable because of the “bow attack damage”, if so, it doesn’t make any sense to say that any increased physical damage would not scale with the hail of arrows :confused:

and the second one: why the Hail of arrows damage goes up (a little, but goes) when I equip an idol that explicitly increases physical damage for X%? why is this scaling when it shouldn’t? I tested two of the same bow, one without affixes and other with T2 increased physical damage, why the one with the affix increased the DPS of my hail of arrows?

thanks in advance!

To answer your first question:
The bow physical damage from the Recurve bow is converted as the quoted text states that added bow damage is converted to cold.

Even the weapons implicit is regular added bow damage.

Regarding the second question:
I actually don’t know.

What are the exat 2 affixes on both idols?

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thx for the reply!
The idol’s affixes are:
health on kill and x% increased physical damage

Since HoA is a DoT ability it does not have a damage range, did you test the dmg on a dummy? does the idol actually change the dmg you deal on the dummy?

Maybe it’s just a tooltip dps bug, but it actually does not affect the skill.

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just tested now and indeed doesn’t actually change the damage, the damage on the tooltip was 565 without any idols, then I equipped a bunch of idols that was giving me a total of 124% increased physical damage and the tooltip was showing 571 dps, the damage was the same after the idols, maybe it is indeed a tooltip bug, thank you so much for the help!

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