Question about Beta

Purchasing question: is the beta in phases, or is the game open through final release?

A temporary multiplayer event is currently running. That will shut down in a few days and not be available again.

People who have purchased Last Epoch can play patch 0.8.5f right now. Various patches have been full-availability for several years now.

On March 9th, patch 0.9 will go live and everyone who has purchased Last Epoch will have full-availability to multiplayer.

I think this covers your question but if not, let me know.


Thank you! So we can, at a minimum, play solo through release?


From March 9th until release there will be onlien play available on top of offline play.


Answer are a bit misleading. Yes you can play but you wont have online access with the char you created if it’s previous 0.9

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Thank you all, very helpful! Last question, do you get early access through Steam too, or do you have to purchase it here?

You can buy it direct from EHG and link it to steam (or not) or buy direct from steam whichever you wish.


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