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Question about Anomaly

If spec’ed on the lower right part, Anomaly essentially brings leech. Does it really have some other game-changing effect? Or is it just mainly slow enemies and raise my attack speed?

You can get leech (Time Eater), increased leech (Void Maw), cooldown (Swiftrest) & crit (Decimation) from the right hand nodes, you can get all/most of those plus a guaranteed 2s stun on all mobs (inc bosses) in the AoE (Time Lock).

I don’t even know where to start.

I am not on my pc currently, so I don’t have hard numbers. (if some numbers are not completely accurate I do apologies)

But anomaly is such a good skill, I am not sure why everybody and their grandma only uses the stupidly boring time bubble thing.

I mean obviously the bubble with AS, Crit, Leech and CDR is very good.
But this skill has so much more to offer.

I think the time bubble also has an inherent “enemies take increased
damage”, when they are inside it.

There are countless other very useful nodes.
You can apply a 100% increased effect time rot with 150% duration, you can apply a 400% increased Effekt future strike, you can use it as a direct dmg skill with the void waves.

There is one nodes which resets the duration of all ailments currently on an enemy, which is insane if you play a ailment build.

There even more nodes that are very strong.

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OK, I’ll have a deeper look at all nodes. Thanks!
At the moment I only use the low right plus the insta cast node, but I’ll see the rest.
That was my point: having leech is nice, but I was sure there was some other good stuff. I voluntarily forgot Time Rot because I’m not spec’ed for DoTs, but I’ll se that also.

Time Rot’s main purpose is not dealing damage, it’s an incredibly strong defensive ailment.
Especially when applied by Anomaly with the increased effect (it’s 22,5% AS and CS slow and 37,5% increased stun duration), which lasts 10 seconds.

Which some cooldown reduction you have this 100% uptime on a boss

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That sounds good!
I’m really very bad at creating builds that work fine. Too much information at once, so I don’t get to extract the most interesting information: the synergies. With other nodes, other skills, with the passives, etc. I’d say the core of a good build is in it synergies. If the whole is consistent, the build may work, but if it’s not it won’t.

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Sending enemies forward in time is also very nice. You can interrupt channeling abilities and make entire groups just vanish for a few seconds.

You can make it a 2second aoe stun and it has enormous debuff potential.

I’ve used it a aoe nuke with the waves. Just note that the skill can make bosses bug out. And the node that makes the vanish and return effects happen simultaneously doesn’t work with the wave. The wave should do double damage but it doesn’t. If you want to use the wave, stick with the normal double cast mechanic.

One of my favourite skills!

I’m now experimenting with this skill.
Good I reached level 80, so it’s easy and fast to level it.
Time Wave did not look very efficient, so I removed it after several tries.
Only testing in Arena at the moment, it’s the fastest way to level skills with a character then never went in high level timelines.

If you wanna use Time Wave, you should definitely put 5 points into the follow up node “Temporal Expanse”, but trust me, it’s very worth it.

But since it’s a spell, you need some base damage.
You could use “Void Bolts” Passive and/or a Scepter.

Great One-Click Aoe Clear on a cooldown.
You literally one-shot almost everything.

If you don’t invest into scaling spells it’s pretty bad of course.

Currently it’s melee build, but it looks like I will remove the axe and use a scepter. I may have one in stash, or I’ll have a talk with the gambler. Gaspar’s will may fit till I find better.
Would you remove Exacerbate?

Why do you use “Red Shift”?

This is only usefull, if you want to use it to actually “remove” mobs temporarily.

That can be respecced.

Also i personally don’t find the instant cast node “Borrowed Time” to be worthwhile, especially for a skill that you only use every 10-12 seconds. (Then you could also remove one point from “Emission”

Also “Mark Of Rot” is not super crazy strong. especially when your character is already pretty established and has alot of other increases for damage.

I would definitely keep “Exacerbate”, it’s just sooo strong. (And you can have 100% uptime if you respec “Borrowed Time”

Borrowed Time is a “legacy” setting. It was there because at the beginning I was using autocast fro this skill, and the very small pause when not instant cast can someone get the hero killed.
I’ve already removed Mark of rot. I will soon be capped on Exacerbate and Temporal Expanse and I’ll have two remaining points to allocate. Is Anticipation worth, or should I go for Temporal Prison to have an easy time with some enemies?

Anticipation or Emission are probably the best few points you have left.

Temporal Prison is not very usefull i think, since the main use would be interupting bosses, which already works with the 2 second baseline.

Making a big pack unable to move can also be useful sometimes. ^^
But it’s what I was expecting, I’ll go for Anticipation. :slight_smile:

If you personally want anomaly to be mainly used on trash i would also suggest playing without “immediacy”, that will turn Anomaly into a very differetn skill… like it actually changes how you use the skill.

With that change you would also have 2 seperate Time Waves, which deal a great amount of damage.

But the “removing enemies” for a few seconds is basically already part of the skill baseline, it only removes them entirely, so you can’t even attack them.

Anomaly will be for “elites” and bosses mainly. The instant freeze on trash is fine, I don’t expect it to be a trash killer.

New sceptre. Not the BiS, but not bad though.
And now I need to review all my gear. I’m capped or almost capped on resistances, but endurance is too low (49%) and the threshold if far too low. Right now, the char does decent damage but he’s very squishy. He leeches health almost full life instant, but he loses life very quickly.
That’s the next step. ^^

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