Question about Aaron's Will and Assemble Abomination

I didn’t find the armor yet, but I’m wondering if I use the abomination’s node Age of Undeath to make it permanent, consume my skeletons to create it, THEN equip Aaron’s Will to summon more golems, will the abomination start decaying? The small text says the abomination will start decaying if the number of skeletons or mages is reduced while it’s alive. Does Aaron’s Will count? It doesn’t reduce the amount summonable, it just prevents it.
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I have arrons will and I did test it. Ok if you take off arrons, summon say 8 skeltons and 5 kely mages and make your abom, then put Arrons on, then add back your minion skill levels, then Summon 5 mages (so you don’t go over 5 summoned skeletons to keep your abom permanent) you are good, when you summon your first golem you are still good. BUT when you summon your second and third golem your Abom will start to collapse fast. It seems that the second and thrid golems form Arrons count as skeleton summons, I think this is a bug.

The only way to play Arrons and age of undeath and make them play nice together is to only use Mage Skelys to make your Abom (meaning you dont have to take off arrons). Then you can have 3 or more golems and 5 mages and a perm (but fairly lame) Abom all at the same time.

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Thanks for testing. I believe the issue with more golems is not that they count as skeletons, but the armor’s coding changes max skeletons from XX to 0, which counts as “reducing/changing skeleton numbers”, while it should just prevent summon, not reduce max skeletons. Anyway it doesnt work and ill scrap that build idea