Quest: To Shell With It - Drop rate

During the Quest “To Shell with it”, it is easily possible to clear the entire zone without getting all of the Giant Crab Meat in Coral Pools. An increased drop rate of this would be wonderful as reloading the zone just to complete a side quests feels awkward.

Thank you


Can confirm

it’s not bad everytime , but it’s often enough that i don’t like it when that quest comes up

This is a bug, for the record - in previous patches the drop rate was 100%, but something seems off to make them not count.

Yes, please fix this 11HG, I know you will xD

Its a bug but it does not prevent you from completing the quest, like you I cleared the area thinking this is weird but as soon as I left the area the quest updated to say it can be handed in.

Yeah, it seems like multiplayer has somehow introduced numerous truckloads of visual bugs.

Leaving the area and then re-entering will update your crab meat count. For me, I walked out and back in (after killing lots of crabs, apparently without getting enough meat) and the objective instantly completed.

I think the meat is still dropping, the quest objective just doesn’t update properly until you force a reload.

Was gonna report this but I see it’s a known issue.

The drop rate is actually completely fine. It just stops updating the counter at 3/5. If you zone out and zone back in, the quest completes.

this is a bug. simply zone out and back in to complete if you’ve killed the required number of crabs. i believe the drop rate is 100%.