Quest: The Ruin of the Dreadnought

Hello there,

At the middle of the fight with Harton’s Husk, when he dropped a bit below of his 50% of HP, two things happened:

  1. There was a wide black circle all over my character (also present when back to the home area.
  2. Neither me nor him could damage the other one.
    All my skills were showing the negative values but HP and mana were normal (full).

Find the screenshot attached.Husk (3.5 MB)

Hi there,

Thank you very much for reporting this! To help us investigate this further, could you please show us screenshots of your Holy Aura and Sigils of Hope specialization trees? (1.2 MB)
Hi Sarno,

As requested - please find attached the screenshots of Holy Aura and Sigils of Hope skill trees.

Additionally - there is a misprint in the description of Sintinel/Forge Guard passive skill - Smelter’s Might; There is “DOUBELD for you with a 2h weapon” and should be “DOUBLED (…)”, as I suppose.

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