Quest selection or title on map

It would be nice if the gold/blue boxes on the map would have the quest title on them, or if it was possible to click on the box and it would select with quest it is, or if you select a quest and that quest box would highlight or something on the map.

Great game though!

That’s pretty much what it does at the moment, if youclock on a quest on the left, you get a breakdown of the quest steps on the right amd the map zooms in to focus on the relevant zone.

Can’t remember if hovering over the map quest icons brings up a tooltip with the quest name or not, but it would be nice if it did.

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My problem was earlier in acts when you have two quests in the same “area” but dont know which is which. I think there was a bigger quest to find the way to somewhere, and another quest to go and kill something? But they were both in the same area. Some extra clarity would be nice.


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