Quest objective not loading


recently I’ve been stuck in quests because objectives wouldnt load.

For exemple at the moment I can’t defeat Lagon beacause he is not spawning

I have the same problem in many monolith quests, the only workaround is to close the game and eventually the very first quest would work properly, but the one right after will always have this bug.

thanks for this amazing game

Hi, Welcome to the forums.

I see you are using the Ring of Shields skill. There is a known problem with regarding loading in quest objectives while the RoS skill is active. The devs are working on this and mentioned it in the last patch update.

For now, the simplest “workaround” is to make sure RoS isnt active when you attempt to load the quest. Only activate it AFTER you are fully loaded in.

This seems to work for me (FG main) and others who are also struggling.

It was the ring of shield! thanks a lot

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