Quest: Liath and Thetima (Speak with Yulia in Thetima)

Nope i see the place but it doesnt glow blue and telling me is Lagon isle

Sadly i can’t post the picture

Could you party me and let me teleport on you? It might work My name is Mooms42

Sorry, but I cannot, we’re hoping to have a fix out for this issue relatively soon.

Exactly the same. If i speak to Yulia, it doesn’t allow me to travel downstairs.

@_OC_TmR I created a new mage , ( My Main is a mage ) and somehow the quest have updated now i can see the dragon isle and it say board capt horton ship

So just create a new mage, login 1x and switch back to main mage? (I have this issue on my mage too)


Didn’t work for me to create a new mage.

I do have the Soreth’Ka portal, but not the Lagon Isle one. And Yulia does not have a ? above her head, but i can speak to her.

This should be resolved as of the 0.9.0f patch!

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Will try later to confirm, leveling my rogue atm with a friend. Will update you later today. Thanks in advance

As my mate was still downloading, i checked. Still bugged for me. Yulia has no ? and the portal to next zone isn’t there. Saw on my rogue next zone is Lagon Isle. Will see if i can get there any other way

same. yulia did not show a questionmark and the stairs a not “glowing”

And this is for sure occurring on the 0.9.0f build?

yes my friend got this problem too… checked 30m ago

im having same issue right now in 0.9f was playing solo through quest but i did go ahead and help a friend out in one area. still able to take the portal to sorethkra but i cant complete quest. yulia just stands there with no ? over head. to clarify, the portal did open but did not complete quest. is this quest atleast the last on in the chain and wont stop progression?

i just saw screenshot. i did not get the portal to lagoon isle.

Update: I can see Isle of Storms on the map and that i have a quest in The Coral Pools “To Shell With It”, but i cannot travel there. Might ask a friend to take me there

Another update:
This fixed it for me! A friend who had the quest bugged too, helped me.

I logged in to a class which had the quest line done, went to Lagon Isle. Then he teleported to me which fixed his quest. Then i switched to mage and teleported to him, which fixed the quest for me.

maybe a workaround but i hope we get a real fix…

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