Quest Lagon

After the fight with lagon and defeating him portal didn’t open. Dialog shows up but the portal refuses to open.


Same bug… I’ve died on first try for the beam. Maybe that is the issue.

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Same problem whit me and my friend

Same for me. I have killed him 3 times. Some guy told me to travel to sordinska or whatever it is called. I can continue with campaing but I did not recieved Lagon’s blessing.

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Im also getting this bug after fighting him, cannot receive his blessing

same, devs should probably fix this asap, its pretty game breaking and im off to play d2 cheers

Hey there! We are in fact trying to push out a fix for this ASAP. Currently, upon defeating Lagon, you should unlock the waypoint in Soreth’Ka, which is the next step in the main quest, and allow it to automatically progress to this next step.

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@EHG_Kain, nice, looking forward to this. Does this mean if I teleport to Soreth’Ka I will receive the blessing, is it showstopper for my campaign?

Estou com o mesmo problema… qual a previsão de correção… já se passaram horas com esse bug e impacta na campanha …

Seems like this solution does not award the passive point. Will this be fixed as well?

Open the map (M button) and see in the lower right corner whether you already have 15 / 15 passive points from quests

I was able to get passive point and completion by going to next waypoint…