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Quest from Elder Gaspar

I am unable to start a conversation with Elder Gaspar to get my quest. I can see the yellow ! above his head but when I click on him nothing happens.

This is the second round of quests he gives you; after you return from The Sheltered Wood.


Thanks for the report! Could you go to him, attempt to talk to him, then give us your log file?

You should be able to attach the file to a forum post.

I am also having this issue. I have been able to reproduce it on a new character.

  1. Complete the Pannion quest (pick up the shard).
  2. Return to Elder Gaspar and turn in the shard quest.
  3. Do not pick up the follow up. Close all dialogue and reward windows.
  4. Attempt to interact with Elder Gaspar again - no success.

Relogging does not solve this. Attached should be my log file (closed the game, logged back in, attempted to talk to him, closed the game, then uploaded).

output_log.txt (161.0 KB)

If you need anything else, feel free to let me know through the forums or via discord (same username).

Edit - This seems to be an issue specifically with receiving the follow-up to “Saving Last Refuge.” Trying the same steps above on the previous main quest (The Void Assault) does not break.

Edit 2 - This also applies when in End of Time after turning in the quest to explore the area. Same series of steps to break it. Key difference is that Elder Gaspar does not have the quest marker (!) over his head in this case. Here is the log for this situation.

output_log.txt (66.3 KB)

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