Quest echoes randomly reset

On like 3 or 4 occasions I have completed a quest echo and sometime after that it resets and shows as not completed. The first couple times I did the first quest echo and had to log off soon after. When I logged back in the first quest echo was showing as incomplete even though I had already completed it. I was able to complete all 3 by doing them one after the other but apparently logging out before doing that reset it back to none completed.

Now today I experienced this again but without logging out. I completed the first quest but didn’t have enough stability to do the second so kept working on the timeline. After building up more stability I looked to do the second quest echo but the first one is locked again?

Is there some mechanic at play here that I don’t understand or is this a bug?

Yeah, for best results wait until you have enough stability to do all the quests in one sitting, and don’t leave the area until you’re done.

IDK what the reason is, but it’s not random, and happens all the time.

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That’s not all that’s happening. I am redoing the fall of the outcast questline and the quest echoes are not opening up even tho I have more than enough stability. Still so many bugs left in the game…

this happened to me as well. i did the first fall of outcasts quest and then left the monolith, came back and it was reset. i guess they want us to do it all in one sitting which is very annoying.

Thanks for this post. This has happened to me a few times, but I just thought that I was remembering finishing it on another character. Now I know I’m not going crazy.

I’ve ported out of completed echoes in the web, gotten no reward or chest, and the echo is marked as unfinished. Has this happened to anyone else?

Did you take the green portal or a blue portal?