Quest Echo Quest Tracker missing

When loading quest echos, I cannot see any quest goals in the quest tracker. The only visible item is the “Active Modifiers”

Expanding and collapsing the Quests button only collapses and expands the Active modifiers
Normal Monolith Echos do not have this problem. This only occurs when doing quest Echos. So far I’ve tried this in different monoliths with the same results.

Also of note, Arena’s no longer display wave count. I feel like this might be related in the UI

I am experiancing the same issue. I think it might be a button i accidentially clicked but i couldnt figure out which one.

I don’t know if this is a bug or intended, but I miss having these quest objectives in the Quest Echoes. It gave more of a feeling of following a story (as most quest echoes have “stages”).

Edit: If it helps, I am playing Offline.