Quest Echo doesn't load


I collected enough stability in the Monolith of fate’s “Reign of Darkness” yesterday for the third quest to become available (offline mode). Today when I went to start that quest echo I ported to the island, opened the map and chose to start the quest echo.

The loading screen was displayed and stayed there in the loading screen with the load icon spinning. There it stayed for a long time (2+ minutes). I could hear my character walk when I clicked the mouse around and heard the portal to echo map open when I (apparently) got close so I was definately still on the island.

I had to force close the game both times. When I logged in and opened the echo map a third time I had lost stability to just before the quest.

Edit: The “normal” echoes on that island does load.
Edit 2: After collecting enough stability again I could enter and complete the echo quest (The rotting hoard).

Player.log (37.8 KB)
Player-prev.log (74.3 KB)

I’ve the same problem…
I tried the first quest for level 58, just infinite loading screen an can hear my character walking.
I tried the first quest for level 62, same…
No trouble for the normal echoes.
I play offline with a 0.85 created character.


Problem has been happening for me since Beta 0.9c / 0.9d Patch.
Worked the week before that.
Playing offline character.

Some observations:
Pressing escape after some time in the loading screen will cause the sound of my usual keybind to play (smashing the ground on rightclick, casting on Q etc). So seems like everything loaded (?) but the screen overlay is just not disappearing. Idk you fix it.

I’ve had this occur multiple times with different quests and I’ve realized the one thing each instance has had in common is that the bug only seems to happen if the quest echo is the very first echo I attempt to do after starting the game. If I do a normal echo then a quest echo it works normally.

Same for me, off line character. quest echo level 58 infinite loading

This workaround worked for me, thanks

Thank you Vrisk. I tried it and it worked.

I can confirm that this is still occurring under the same steps. Attempting to load a Quest Echo as the first echo after login will result in a permanent loading screen image, but the player will have control of their character still. It doesn’t seem to start the loading process, but locks you in the loading screen.

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