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Quesiton about multiple character... Solo vs SC for inventory

Hey guys, i am new to the game as of a week and half ago. I have made 3 characters so far and all are softcore currently to share the stash inventory. But i am one of those players that like to horde gear a little. I am not sure if there is a max inventory space for softcore because if so i may need to start making solo characters. Just wondering what you guys have found easier from a stash inventory and if it is easier making solo characters? Of course you cant share loot between characters which is a big downfall of it.
So what is your suggestion, keep them on softcore or start making more solo characters?

Thanks for the help and suggestions in advance.

You can have a max of 200 stash tabs for SC (& another 200 for HC, 200 for each solo character), which is quite a lot of space to horde.

Thanks, Yeah that is a lot lol. I cant even horde that much, cause eventually you stop hording lower level stuff and just keep endgame items.

It also gets fairly gold hungry. Iā€™m at stash tab 54 and it costs $480K gold (per tab) and only increasing. I really need to start purging my inventory rather than expanding it. :sweat_smile:

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Whooo. Time for a fresh start, I guess :wink:

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