Quality of Life Suggestions Requested

I just bought the Ultimate Edition and have some Quality of Life suggestions.

  1. Add a Dash ability by pressing the space bar
  2. Add the ability to press the SHIFT key to keep my character in place
  3. Add the ability to press the ESC key to back out of ANY menu;
  4. Add character class description on mouse hover over on the character CREATION screen
  5. Add my current level next to my progress bar.
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A leap as in a way to get over ledges and such without having to go around/find a staircase? I’d not mind that, so long as it didn’t let you skip giant parts of a game.

  1. Are you referring to a universal dodge button, or as LividLegends suggests, a way to skip parts of a map? We’ve discussed the former, but there’s nothing currently planned to be added. For the latter, our maps aren’t designed to have impassable sections be passable. Most traversal skills can cross small gaps, so long as doing so isn’t bypassing a certain amount of the map (going around isn’t a very long distance). Using traversal as a way to skip large parts of content/maps is not currently a planned feature.

  2. For melee attacks, there’s a setting in the menu for “move to melee attack enemies that are out of range” which you can enable/disable. For ranged attacks, this is the default behavior. Though if you use an ability on LMB, which is used for movement at its core, holding “Shift” then pressing LMB will force attack. If you are already holding LMB to move, pressing shift will not interrupt movement to attack, though if that’s the interaction you’re looking for, binding the Shift key to the ability through keybinds might be a better option. Some abilities are considered movement abilities, such as Dancing Strikes, and Warpath, and you’re not intended to be able to use them in place - movement is a part of them so force attack functionality won’t force them to stand still. These abilities will have the “movement” tag.

  3. This should be the case. If there’s a window it doesn’t back out of, that would be a bug and should be reported. We are aware of windows on the character select screen not closing with escape, and the keybinds menu does not close with escape.

  4. I’m not quite sure what you mean - do you mean showing the character’s build on the screen in case you forget which character is which? That would be an interesting idea, though depending on how in depth it would be, it could add a fair amount of clutter, and would increase load times to launch the game as it would potentially need to preload all possible systems for rendering equipment stats, abilities, icons and visuals, and character data, then potentially process all the data for all the characters to show any sort of stats the character has. Just showing the skill bar might be more reasonable.

  5. Yup, coming in 1.0!


A universal dodge button would be interesting, but I feel like that would need to be implemented around and wants to have been a part of the game initially to balance around. I wouldn’t want it in the current state of the game, it’d be out of place.

I am excited our level’ll be on our XP bar soon. Nice!

I bought the game and i noticed a few disturbing issues that i hope will be changed in the future. Also i dont know if those topics were discussed before, so hear me out:

  1. We would like to be able to turn OFF showing item details while hovering mouse over it on the ground. It is crucial to have it in the inventory, but not on the ground. I just want to pick up the item and check it later from inventory.

  2. Another thing related directly with no.1, Auto-compare, right now it is universal for inventory items and on the ground items. It is terrible to move mouse to pick up item from the ground and having displayed 2 windows with details of my currently equipped item and a new one. Half of the screen is covered every time, But when i turn OFF auto-compare, then it doesnt work also from the inverntory, and on the screen is also displayed detailed window of the item from the ground that i dont care about. Please separate this.

  3. This is known issue as far as i read many posts from previous months, that maps reset every time. Its bad especially when you missed to picked up your item from the ground and change location, its all gone then. But i understand this is all technical issues along with the lags and extremally long teleports between locations. Also about teleport - RMB is for movement. It should be changed that when you hold RMB and walk around map you gonna get teleported once you hover mouse over some entrance and get close with your character, having all the time pressed RMB. When you fight near some teleport, it is annoying that you accidentally get teleported not intended. It shouldnt register the action immediatelly but teleport you when you click it.

  4. Changing items in the inventory. Right now when you press and HOLD item, for example gloves and hover it over equipped gloves and release button, there is no visual indicator on the item area that you actually changed them. The sound is not enough, because some people may play without sound. The window with item details is not enough too, because sometimes its a minor affix difference between 2 almost identical gloves. Please make it more visual friendly and clear. Same when you just right click on items to change, no visual response that anything changed.

  5. Another known issue with comparing items in the EQ, so far not possible to compare weapon in off hand or a ring from 2nd slot. Primalist class can dual wield weapons, for example 2 axes, I cannot compare new item with the one i use in off hand, i need to do that manually.

  6. When you walk away from an NPC, for example vendor, during trade, the windows dont close automatically, it is pointless to do that manually and no reason to have them still open when you move away. Dont let us click ESC everytime after purchase/selling items.

  7. Pathfinding doesnt work when you click on Town Portal, the character doesnt find a way to approach it from a distance, especially when there is obstacle between. And sometimes when there isnt any obstacle, and short distance, pathfinding moves character behind the portal, like i click the ground through the portal, even when the name Town Portal is highlighted.

  8. Im not sure if its always like that, but at least sometimes quest navigation doesnt show you the way if its 2 locations difference between you and destinated quest area. For example im in the council chambers and have a quest in pannion’s study. I need to move through the last archive, but i dont see and pointer on minimap that i must go through the last archive. And this is when i did not discover travel portal in the last archive.

I feel like there is lots and lots QoL things I havent discovered yet to be fixed. Ill post here anything i find.

  1. Yes. A universal dodge button.
  2. Thank you for the clarification
  3. I did report it as a bug. The ESC key only works on the main screen.
  4. At the character creation screen, it would be helpful when I hover over a character, a popup will show telling me what class the character is. (I’m 58 years old and need all the reminders I can get! LOL)
  5. Great!
    Thanks for listening!

for #4, On the character selection screen, it should state the character name. Below that, it states the character level, followed by the character class (or mastery if achieved), followed by game mode (SC, HC, SSF, etc.). To the right of this information is the Class/Mastery Icon as well. Above the character list, you can filter by specific class, or game mode.

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  1. One scenario in particular where I think this desire might arise, is where item labels and hovering them bringing up their card creates clutter while fighting, which is normally where the toggle item labels (default ctrl+z) hotkey comes in. I don’t see why this couldn’t be implemented if there’s enough demand. (This is the first time I’ve seen this request).

  2. I can see this, yup.

  3. There’s two parts here: Map Resets, and Zone Transition portals.
    a. - Map Resets: Because we don’t promote things like vendor runs (items intentionally sell to vendors for very little, so you only pick up things you might actually use), and all endgame activities fail if you leave them before completing them, leaving and returning to a map in the same play session is a rare occurrence during normal gameplay. So as well as being a technical limitation to improve performance, it’s also been lower priority to address; though ideally map permanence would be nice.
    b. - Zone Transition Portals: We’ve been discussing this internally - we had looked into the potential for making it a “dedicated click” scenario, such as we had with portals and waypoints, however zone transitions are designed in such a way to work with “moving through them” that a dedicated click system doesn’t really work without major changes in the transition points and level design for them. Though we are making other changes to them such as adjusting positioning and size to reduce accidental transitions.

  4. I can see this also, certainly. It’s not common to have two extremely close items, but it can happen with set items and non-legendary uniques.

  5. Yup, this has been on our list for a while, haha.

  6. This is a known bug and has been fixed for 1.0

  7. It may be map dependent? I’m not familiar with this issue, though town portals do take a second to activate, so if you click immediately on them they won’t work. This is the first time I’ve heard of pathfinding issues to the town portal, but it’s also rare scenario, so don’t at all doubt it. I tried this with a few obstacles, and pathing worked fine, so long as the required walking distance wasn’t too long (same kind of rules that apply to Traversal skills - clicking on a portal down a ledge isn’t meant to be a way to auto-run the map, but I also don’t know how you’d place the portal there without walking there first, haha)

  8. In the case of Pannion’s study, the quest asks you to explore the area to find the next area, which is why it doesn’t immediately give you an arrow. Once you finish exploring the area (get close enough to the exit), the arrow appears. We have made a number of improvements for the map and quest log in 1.0, though I don’t believe the arrows specifically have had functionality changes, nor has this quest been changed to my knowledge.

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Great feedback, thank you.

I add to the list:

  • while having opened EQ that is full, i cannot pickup item from the ground to have it attached to the mouse and replace it directly with any other (equipped or in stash). Right now need to discard one item, pick up new one, and replace.

  • I dont know if this by design, but I can put my item to Forge, close this window and it will stay there. I just realized i put there my equipped armor and went fighting… without the armor oops :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  1. I’m assuming you’re referring to character inventory here - I’m not sure what you mean by “EQ”, other than Earthquake, but that doesn’t make sense =p I suppose this would be possible with enough demand, it’s not something we intentionally don’t support.
  2. Yes, this is intentional. You can be in a situation where your inventory is full, in which case if you were to close the forge, the item would have nowhere to go, and would drop to the ground, which if you don’t notice is far worse. So instead of having different scenarios of where the item can wind up based on if your inventory is full or not, we went with consistency: Your item is where you put it. We also looked into doing a “ghost” version of the item in the forge (not actually moving the item itself), however this caused other issues because of how crafting an item directly changes the item.

Equipment perhaps? Maybe some translations use that as a shorthand for the inventory 'cause that’s where you go to get to your equipment.

Yes thats Equipment shortcut :smiley: Sorry for terminology.

So about the Forge, I imagine this scenario:
Players usually when forging would want to take their time and check town stash or vendors or trade with others during that process, so like it wouldnt be a quick action to forge one item and close that menu. Then it makes sense. You select desired affixes and modifiers, and you wanna make sure you did it correctly so its better when the item is there with all parameters set instead of disappearing everytime you close Forge menu to double check.