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Quality of Life Feedbacks

Hello everyone. I’m playing Last Epoch for a few hours. And some things turned my attention.

  • The passives respec system.
    I really dont know if there is a limit for how far the price to respec your passives will go, but as a Forge Guard lvl 70, I’ve had to reset and test many possibilites to see what turns out better for me. And right now, it’s too pricy to reset my passives.
    Maybe the other end game contents will allow us to make gold more efficiently, but right now it seems over punishment for reseting skilss.

-Throwing Damage
I’ve realized that there are no weapons with a base damage that affects throwing damage, every single melee weapon gives XX melee (COLD/PHYS/FIRE/LIGHTNING) damage, I’ve tried to make a throwing hammer build, but it turned out very disappointing while compared to just pure melee builds.

-Melee Damage Leeched as Health affix
This affix seems overpowered, as a forge guard warpath build, it’s more worthy for me to keep damaging monsters than to use what should be my defensive cooldown to “take a breath” (Rebuke), as the damage output scales out, it probably will become more overpowered.
Should consider to either scale down the affix related to it, or somehow mitigate how effectively it works.

-Unique items seems useless
I’ve dropped almost every unique item, and most of them seems completely useless, maybe because the game is incomplete, they dont seem to have much synergy.

-Not many set items
I think this problem is also related to the current game state, but I think we should have more sets (not necessarily complete sets), but sets with 2/3 parts for effect (not 5/6 like diablo 3 for example), this way we would have more ways to work builds out.

I also agree wholeheartedly with this. The community is split, I think the devs are leaning towards not allowing players to play around with different builds. Makes me feel bad we can only test a small handful of builds / play them, but in the end, it’s a game dev design decision out of out hands.

A lot of uniques are necessary for builds, and a lot aren’t. I can tell you a lot are really good. The 3-set bonus that gives 500 elemental resistance is really good. Some fire% uniques. There are some ward-generation unique…

I think more items are to come later in the beta / release.

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