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Hey EHG,

while browsing Reddit and also the forums here I have read a lot of comments from people who are complaining about your customer support not responding fast enough or at all, therefore people not being able to get refunds or items etc. I dont know about the speed and quality about your customer support as I didnt have to contact them yet but I just wanted to tell you to maintain a high quality customer support to keep people playing your game and to keep it a good reputation. No matter if you hate or love POE but their customer support was “Outstanding!!!”
I just worry if people browse reddit and they read comments like I mentioned above they might not buy the game and therefore not contribute (moneywise) to the further development of the game which would be a pity.

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if you don’t have personal experience then what’s the point of this?? I’ve played 6 weeks and had direct, personal communication with support both technical and customer and they responded in <4 hours. I’ve NEVER seen complaints on reddit and watch DAILY


I also don’t understand the point of this post.

I mean obviously having good customer support is always great and having a good reputation helps, with concerned customers, that are hesitent to buy your product.

And the LE community is growing fast,…very fast and the devs probably need to keep up with the growing communtiy, but all my interactiosn with their support was insanely fast.

I have nothing but positive to say about the EHG support.

I don’t have any personaly experience with Reddit, but i think alot of the social media sites can skew other people’s opinion without good reasoning.
I guess there will be always peopel conmplaining, if something is negative, but there will be very few actually praising the support if it is decent or good.


Having good customer support is stellar. My experience with EHG across the board has been stellar (been here since early Alpha.) Extrapolate as you will.

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Interesting, because my interaction with PoE customer support was awful. It took them 2 weeks to fix my account after they had an issue with Steam.

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I tried to reactivate my old account for the Harvest League. The communication took days for every request. With every answer they send me they asked a different thing about my identity.

The first time they asked me for character names and levels. The second time they asked me about the region I live. And so on. It took 2 weeks till they finally got to the result “Yeah ok, we can identify you as the owner of that account. But it was banned because of suspicious activities (got hacked) and it cannot be reactivated!” Why could they not write that in the very first mail?? Great support looks different, imho.

On the topic of

There were exactly 2 people in the last couple of weeks that complained about support, that i recognised. 1 on reddit, 1 on this forum. I would not call that “a lot of people”.

And I browse these sources a lot.

Maybe you guys were unlucky with the Support maybe the guys I mentioned were unlucky with the EHG Support but I think my Massage was clear. The amount of people complaining was striking and I just wanted to emphasize this matter here cause if people who think about buying the game will read those comments might not buy it in the end.
I just want to See this game be successful and therefore you also need paying customers :slight_smile:

And this is where I disagree. There were very few people. And it never was an issue before the PoE Harvest Manifesto Hatetrain.

Yeah, customer support should be good. Nobody argues with you on that regard. But I think you’re trying to create a problem where there isn’t.

Maybe i missed the striking numbers of complaining people completely. If that’s the point, i apologise. But just do a quick search for customer support on the forum or reddit. Theres defenitely by far no meaningful number of complaints.

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Does no one else see the elephant in the room?
→ Seems like a troll attempt. (I apologize if not).

PS: By the way, it would help if he would link such Reddit links. :wink:

Ok I accept it but somehow I had that impression. Thread can be closed. :slight_smile:

I searched for support on Reddit and almost all findings were about controller support.

Then I searched for customer support and the first post was about great customer service and the rest was somewhat unrelated.

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he was mistakenly reading the POE subreddit?

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I totally have to disagree about the quality of the support here! I just signed up my account this morning and had an issue immedately after, so I wrote to the support. Since I live in Germany and our time is (depending on where you live in the USA) 6-10 hours ahead, the support answered really fast and already solved my problem. With other companies, I made the experience that a reply to a support ticket can take 24h and more, even if they are sitting in the same time zone!

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