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Qs for Disintegrate with shocking chance

Does disintegrate’s shocking chance only come from it own skill nodes and Sorcerer’s passive node ceraunomancer, since disintegrate is not a hit?

does Arcane Ascendance’s node “shocking expense(5 meters distance)” work with disintegrate?

Disintegrate in the lastepochtools has 0.25s interval, does it mean that disintegrate deals 4 times of damage over 1 sec? will that mean shocking chance be stacked 4 times in 1 second?

Yes, though I’m not entirely sure about Ceraunomancer, it may be coded as shock on hit.

Probably same as Ceraunomancer.

Yes for the damage, Shock chance from the tree would be rolled every second, not sure about the nodes/passives above. Would need to be checked.

thx, I am awear it is a very unique skill, those are the main problems I have for now.

No, neither Ceraunomancer nor Shocking Expanse appear to shock with Disintegrate.

well, it is sad to hear that…

I wish EHG will change that tho, it is a nice skill but very hard to obtain other benefits beside its own damage. most of the debuff and proc to enemy come from hit and hit and hit…

and if Ceraunomancer doesnt go with disintegrate, how about Rift Bolt (lightning penetration)?