QoL suggestion for Umbral Blades

Hello, fellow rogues.

Short and sweet post regarding the Umbral Blades skill:
During big and ugly fights, I have a hard time tracking where my blades are, especially if they end up being off-screen. For someone that enjoys proccing the guaranteed crit of the Shift on the Umbral Blades pull, I would very much like the following QoL upgrades:

-Getting a counter representing which stage of the UB combo I am currently at. I know the pictogram of the skill changes with combo stage, but I think that having a clear-cut number (maybe next to the Lethal Cadence indicator) would be a lot easier to see and track.
-Getting a discrete indicator of where the UB are, when they’re off-screen. Maybe some small arrows at the edge of the screen?

Thank you for reading this!