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QOL Request Sell All Button Please

This is a QOL request for a additional button or keyboard shortcut when dealing with any vendor to be able to “sell all”.

In almost every game I have played you invariably end up selling all the junk in your “backpack” to a vendor. In all of those games, you have to do it item by item, one at a time, time after time after time.

This takes ages, and after a while it gets somewhat irritating. People then usually simply stop picking anything up.

I do not pick up junk while running monos, but I do tend to pick up the junk (using “x” to temp disable my loot filter) from the chest at the end. Why not? It’s “free” gold.
However, having to click on every item one at a time when I have nothing but junk in my backpack anyway is tedious in the extreme.

One shortcut, or one button to sell all this crap at once would be an absolute godsend, and would be an innovation to set LE apart from the crowd.


You only should pick up items that you plan either craft on or shatter for shards. A yellow item is only 20-30 gold each. So you could get like 100-200 gold? That is one pile of gold on the ground.
Just imagine if I pick valuable items to shatter with rare affixes on them and by accident press that Sell All button… :smiley: drama

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This is not one of those games.

This is what you should already be doing. There is no reason to be picking up junk items for the sole purpose of selling them to a vendor in LE.

Free gold that amounts to less than what you will often find in a single pile of gold on the ground.

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Yeah, I know what you are saying guys, and all very valid points.
I guess this may well be more about my OCD of not passing up things than the actual voracity of even pickup up the rubbish.