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QoL or maybe missing stuff

So I’ve played about 3 weeks now, built a Rogue Bladedancer and left it for a Void Knight So i found problems in Void Knight but i think some of them may be general.
Also made a list of QoL changes, or clunky things that are bad for UX.

:star: Skills Tooltips :star:

  • Abyssal Echoes: When allocating Creeping Decay the tool tip does not reflect the halved time duration. Also the damage should be halved too, because you are looking at a tool tip DPS which is not true.

  • Time Rot: We can see the DPS of this debuff in the Warpath skill tree at the Apocalypse Whirl node, but you cant know the duration or the DoT, if it can be increased by items or passives. Also the only function of Time Rot is to increase damage taken? cause 20 void damage non scalable is just funny.

  • Void Rift: the damage of these rift is not declared nor the scaling. In this case is the Temporal Cascade node of Warpath

  • Abyssal Orb: the damage can be seen using Alt on the Abyssal Flurry node but you cant see the scaling, also it denotes mana usage (6 cost) but is not explicit on the tree node From the Abyss

:star: Font Size :star:

  • Chat: Well this is personal, i work in software so i am the whole day watching code, and when i play i cant read the chat and i cant increase the font size.

  • Skills, passives, tooltips: In this case is the same i would like (if possible) being able to change this because on my notebook its imposible to read at th end of the day, when i can play, on a 17" notebook, on a 24" the font size is okish.

:star: Compare Items :star:

  • Off-hands: When allocating passives for dual wield using the compare Key the item does not compare with the off-hand item. only if the compared item is also an off hand. So for example a sword in a Sentinel with dual wielding passive, when comparing a sword it will only be compared with main hand sword but not the off hand sword.

:star: Respec Passives :star:

  • Clunky: When i respect passives i have to click out of dialog to respec my removed points, don’t feel good. Also if you want to remove a whole tree of passives, you should be able to click the base passive and get a prompt to remove all the points previous, with the total amount of money needed

For now i have this. Thank you.